Jakub Jacek Ostapczuk
i am good at
languages (polski, english, deutsch, magyar)
and can do some computer stuff.
currently a software testing intern at a large tech firm.
just got my B.Eng. from the Wrocław University of Science and Technology.
check out my my github to see what i'm working on,
download my CV for a breakdown of my skills,
or contact me through email. take look in the source code if you have to.


  • Adventures with Anxiety – Polish translation: A Polish-language adaptation of Nicky Case's interactive story, Adventures with Anxiety. Recalling Case's experiences with anxiety disorders, this game-like experience illustrates the role anxiety plays in human behavior, and why it isn't always a bad thing. Project started by zyor a.k.a. zywuu, ultimately led to completion by me.

    The translation itself was an exercise in constrained writing; several very deliberate wording choices have been made to avoid explicitly giving away the characters' genders through gendered grammatical forms, as the creator had intended not to assign specific genders to the characters. In addition to translating the dialogues, I had to make several tweaks to the page's CSS files to ensure proper display of all components, as sometimes, the text in Polish was much longer than its corresponding English original text string, at best making the interface seem sloppy and cluttered, at worst leading to text leaking out of bounded boxes or even outside the game's area. I also had to prepare and edit custom image files, most notably for the end credits.